As you all know by now we have a slowly growing social media presence on multiple different platforms, mainly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We feel it's great to update you all on the things that happen here at National Autorax and to let you know of anything new and exciting that is happening.

Did you know that we recently hit a staggering 100 followers over on our Instagram page just yesterday? Just now the follower count has crept up to an amazing 110 people. We are excited and pleased with this opportunity to premiere the work we do to a larger community of people and grow further as the days, months and years go by.

A great part of having a social media platform to utilise is that we get to connect to you, our customers much more easily. We notice with other companies a lot that there are people uploading photos of products they have bought and are then tagging the company in these posts. It's humbling to see this and the connection the company has to it's customer base.

We'd love to do the same here at National Autorax. If you have purchased anything from us and you are happy with the way everything works, why not tag us in a post to show us. Offering outstanding customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction is key to us as a business and we like to make every effort to ensure this.

We've had one customer tag us in an Instagram post last month, it was very nice to see that our products are doing their job and and making our customers happy.

We want you to always know that we greatly appreciate and value your custom and business with us. After all without you, the customer, we wouldn't be here.

Thank you for all the positive reviews and your continued support over the years.

---- The National Autorax Team