Many moons ago our company National Autorax used to operate under the name Trukrax, making similar, high strength steel bars to the ones that you see from us today. The Trukrax bars were just like the bars that we sell today and many of the people that owned a set for their van have found they have survived the test of time, thus out living the van they once were fitted to.

Our old Trukrax bars were made out of a strong steel alloy much like our bars of today and were common place among the commercial vehicle world. Since the Trukrax days, we have improved our products and refined them significantly over the years, and, as a result our bars are now better and stronger than ever.

Comparison: Trukrax Roof rack on top, New steel bars on the bottom

Still to this day we get people calling in and asking us whether we are the same company, which is quite humbling. many of these people end up enquiring about their old Trukrax bar kit that they purchased a long time ago due to purchasing a brand new van.

Last week we had a customer calling up specifically about their old Trukrax bar kit as they had recently gotten a new van. They asked about moving the bar kit to the new van as their bar kit had survived so long. We are starting to see this question appear more and more as the weeks and months go by and people get new work vans to replace their old vehicle.

With it being such a reoccurring question we have to look at the options available when a customer calls in with this question. What would be more cost effective for the customer, what would be the best option for them. Is it worth putting an old rack on a brand new van and most importantly, what option will save the customer more money.

Over time our roof bars and racks have evolved considerably, from the build quality to the very kits that fit them. Our current Steel-Line bars are pretty different to the ones that were on the market under the Trukrax name years ago. We find now that the process of trying to move an old bar kit from an old van to a new van is very time consuming and stressful and near impossible at times.

The new kits that we supply are different to the old style ones from the Trukrax days, not to mention that the Trukrax bars are old and may not fit with the kits that we currently manufacturer. Our new bars and kits are predominantly manufactured to fit more recent and newer vans on the market.

So, considering all of this, we have come to a conclusion. If you have an old Trukrax bar/roofrack kit, then you would be better off getting a bran new Steel-Line bar/roofrack kit for your Van. With our new bar/roofrack kits you will get a stronger, better and more relevant kit to the new van you now have. If you are getting a brand new work van, then why not treat yourself and your van to a brand new Steel-line Bar/roofrack kit too.

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