Now you’ve upgraded your van locks for the ultimate levels of security, regular maintenance is essential to keep your locksperforming at their best. Monthly lubrication of the locks with a PTFE lubricant spray (we use GT-85), will keep them clear of contamination and limit the risk of potential damage. Here's our step by step guide:

1. Shake lubricant can vigorously for several seconds to ensure contents are mixed

2. Insert the nozzle of you chosen lubricant into the keyway and apply sufficient lubricant to penetrate the cylinder mechanism (approximate 1 second burst)

3. Run the key in and out of the cylinder several times

4. Apply a second short application of your chosen lubricant

5. Repeat running the key in and out of the cylinder

6. Test cylinder operation, and wipe any residue from external surfaces and key

Look after your locks and they’ll remain buttery smooth and reliable for years to come!