We had a customer with a Vauxhall Vivaro van come to us today with rather nasty damage to the rear door with the handle. A thief had tried to cut into the van, making a letterbox shape as they went.

This was all done to get at tools and equipment stored inside of the van. Proving that the Van Security problem is far, far from over. The damage to this van was startling to say the least, showing just how far a thief will go to get at your expensive equipment and tools.

Here is a head on, before repair image showing the extent of the damage caused to the customers work van. As you can see they attempted a letter box shape to try and bypass the already fitted Slam-Lock. By cutting into the door like this, the thief also damaged the Slam-Lock to an extent too.

In most, if not all cases there aren't armour plates big enough to help deal with problems as big as this, however Trade Vehicle Locks were quick to hand in teaming up with us to help combat this issue. Trade vehicle Locks were able to make a bespoke "one off" custom sized armour plate to cover this horrendous attack and help save the customer from needing a new door entirely

Finally you can see what the rear door looked like after the the bespoke armour plating had been fitted. The entirety of the attack had been covered and protected from further damage, also protecting the area from attacks to vulnerable parts.

The Slam-Lock had also been repaired saving the customer from not only having to buy a new door, but also a saving him from buying a new Slam-Lock too!

We want to say a big thank you to Trade Vehicle Locks for teaming with us to fix this problem today, helping to ensure that more and more vans are protected from the threat of theives each day.

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