Angus lift trucks are a fork lift hire, sales and repair company operating in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. They came to us with their two Ford Transit customs to have them fully converted.

Flooring and walls

With the full van conversion we always make sure to take extra care of the flooring and the walls to make sure that it is strong, durable and suitable for usage. All of our panels and flooring are custom designed to fit.

Our fitter Kyle installing the different panels to their respective places (The grey panels are the new panels)

Internal Racking

A big part of the order was to add some of our own internal racking to the two vans. Our racking allows the customer to have greater usage of space and improved organisational abilities with the assurance of a strong and durable set of racking.

National Autorax Van Internal Racking

Our internal racking 4 shelf unit.

Deployable Vice

With this conversion we included a deployable clamp as requested. The clamp will deploy out of the rear of the van and it's support leg will help hold it up, ensuring that it wont damage or scuff any paintwork on the van.

The clamp system included in the full van conversion.