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Vauxhall Van Products

National Autorax supply a number of roof bar solutions to fit your Vauxhall Van and meet your carrying requirements. We cover the whole range of Vauxhall commercial vans including Astra, Combo, Movano and Vivaro.

All of our van roof bars are supplied with all the required fixings that allow the sturdy roof bars to be fitted directly to the Vauxhall intended mounting points with no need to drill or modify your van.

The number of roof bars that you should fit to your Vauxhall will depend on the number of available fixing points on your van, as well as the load that you wish to carry. Long loads such as ladders should normally be supported by 3 roof bars which will help spread the load over your van’s roof, however, for occasional use 2 roof bars may be sufficient. Most Vauxhall vans can also be fitted with a rear loading roller to help protect the rear of your vans roof when loading and unloading. Rear rollers also help take some of the strain out of loading long awkward items as they provide a handy pivot point to aid lifting.






If you are carrying ladders, then we would recommend that ladders are secured using our purpose made ladder clamps that do away with the need for rope or unsafe bungee straps. Quick and safe to operate, they will save you time and money and ensure that your ladders are secured in the safest manner.

If you intend to carry heavier loads, or sheet materials (8’x4’) then we would recommend the use of a roof rack rather than just independent roof bars, our range of roof racks can be viewed here….

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