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Ergo Racks by Prime Design

ErgoRack was designed to reduce muscle stress, eliminate the risk of injury and speed the job of loading and unloading ladders from a work van safely!. ErgoRack is made of premium aluminium, which is corrosion free, and allows you to carry heavier loads on top of your van. A stable roof rack with an additional ladder rack to unload and load ladders on the side of the vehicle, everything you need to operate safe and fast on the spot. Thanks to the unloading system on the side, the ErgoRack can be operated when the vehicle is parked between two cars and in narrow alleys


  • Deploys with only 2 fingers
  • Eliminates slip and fall hazards from climbing on bumper or tire
  • Deploy or stow in less than 20 seconds
  • Feet stay safely on the ground.
  • Reduce back and muscle strain from improper loading.
  • Hydraulic cylinder provides smoothest, controlled descent of any rack in the industry.
  • Maintain vehicle warranty and resale value with no holes to drill.
  • Winner of ergonomic awards in USA, France, Germany and Australia.

Below are some videos of the different variations of ErgoRack and how they work.

S-Clamp: Ergo Rack

  • ErgoRack S-Clamp: the basic model, for ladders up to 55 kg.

Rotation: Ergo Rack

  • ErgoRack Rotation: the advanced model, for ladders up to 35 kg.

Inclined: Ergo Rack

  • ErgoRack Inclined: the advanced model, for extra long ladders or ladders up to 55 kg.

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